Sneg - Lunta

Kuhmo municipality is located at the Russian border. The frontier cannot be crossed without a passport, visa and a car insurance valid in the neighbouring country. We speak two languages: Russian and Finnish, but being close neighbours we are still admiring the same nightly sky.

Ariadna Donner looks at celestial patterns and sees messages inspired by poems of Josip Brodski, which are presented bilingually. Sinfonietta Lentua has coined a slogan 'Music in a New Dimension', which is a paraphrase of the European Union program for cooperation between EU and Russia. Modest Mussorgsky's music tells about a dawn at River Moscow.

View the animation: Sneg - Lunta [Snow]

Orchestra: Sinfonietta Lentua
Conductor: Jukka-Pekka Kuusela
Graphic design: Ariadna Donner
Production: Philip Donner

The animation can be viewed with the free RealPlayer program, which is downloadable at <>. Pay special attention that you download the free version of the program (unless you would like to try the advanced features of the commercial version). The program is available for Windows, Mac and Linux OS environments.