Nt'hago za selo / Salamu za selo [Selo greetings]

This library of Ngoma ya Selo greetings is based on a recording session made on 12th of June 1989 at the TV Department (currently the audiovisual unit of the department of computer science) at the University of Helsinki. The performer is selo specialist Juma Nasoro Malema from the village of Miono in the Bagamoyo District of the Coast Region in Tanzania.

The greetings are called Nt'hago in the Chizigula language and Salamu in Kiswahili. It is the core expression of the Ngoma ya Selo music and dance. Selo is being taught to puberty aged girls of the Zigua society. One of the main purposes of the training is to emphasize the importance of mutual respect which is expressed to all follow people, old and young.

Some of the greetings are straightforward paraphrases of greetings in everyday life, such as kneeling, bowing or a military salute. Other greetings tend to show how the growing young lady may show respect to her husband in matrimonial life. Many of the greetings are imitations of some peculiar aspect of human life such as use of snuff, movements of football, shooting or construction work. Some animals, birds and insects are also imitated.

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No. Chizigula Kiswahili English Video
1 Moni Heshima (au saluti) Greeting View the greeting
2 Zógolo Jogoo Cock View the greeting
3 Kutoa mavindi hasi Kupiga magoti chini Kneeling with both knees View the greeting
4 Kuputa tumbatu kuvuta ugoro (au tumbako la kusaga) Smoking snuff (or grinded tobacco) View the greeting
5 Kuteka mazi Kuchota maji Fetching water View the greeting
7 Uvinaji wa chísambo Uchezaji wa kibwaya (au kisambo) Dancing with the straw skirt View the greeting
8 Kafuruma     View the greeting
9 Nt'hago ya kwikala hasi Salamu ya kukaa chini Greeting by sitting down View the greeting
10     Kulagisa udyaji Kuonyesha mfano wa kula To imitate eating View the greeting
11 Chimp'hanga Kipanga The sparrowhawk View the greeting
12 Kumbembeleza mwana Kumbembeleza mtoto Comforting the baby View the greeting
13 Ntoza umoyo Nishike moyoni Holding my heart View the greeting
17 Chicheze mbira Tucheze mpira Let's play football View the greeting
20 Futi Bunduki The riffle View the greeting
21 Kuchapa chiga Kuchapa mguu To beat ones leg View the greeting
23 Nt'hago ya kulima Salamu ya kulima Greeting by cultivating View the greeting
24 Nt'hago ya kubunda Salamu ya kufunda Greeting by grinding View the greeting
25 Nt'hago ya kwink'hana mikono Salamu ya kupeana mikono Greeting by shaking hands View the greeting
28 Nt'hago ya kuzenga Salamu ya mfano wa kujenga Greeting by imitating construction work   View the greeting
29 Kuhaka mazi mouso Kunawa uso Washing ones face View the greeting
34 Kuchuchula ya nk'hanga Kanga anayekimbia The running helmeted Guineafowl View the greeting
37 Nt'hago ya kufyagila (nyumba)   Salamu ya kufagia (nyumba) Greeting of sweeping (the house) View the greeting
38 Nt'hago ya wambisi Salamu ya upishi Greeting of cooking View the greeting
40 Nt'hago ya kunguza Salamu ya kipepeo Butterfly greeting View the greeting
41 Kutambaliza Kunyosha miguu (chini) Straightening ones legs View the greeting
Director: Pekka Pulkkila
Video: Esko Gustafsson
Sound engineer: Kari Rajahuhta
Producer: Philip Donner