Jorma Panula Masterclass, Kuopio 2003

The Net Communication Department of the International Centre of Chamber Music in Kuhmo develops methods of promoting, documenting and analyzing music net education. This archive page documents an on-going effort whereby conductor masterclasses are enhanced by utilizing net communication as a teaching aid. Please, consult the article Conductor Masterclass of Jorma Panula, Kuopio 2002 to get a view of the development of the undertaking.

The recordings were made during two days of maestro Jorma Panula's conductor masterclasses on 18. and 19. of August 2003 at the Music Centre of Kuopio. The objective of the documentation work was to facilitate discussion and analysis of the classes. The documents give musical insight and they support the educational work of Jorma Panula.

Sound was recorded with professional skill and by utilizing adequate audio equipment. Video documentation was done with two consumer level DV cameras and a video mixer. The output was encoded directly on hard disk.

Organizers and recording crew

Kuopio Symphony Orchestra
Pohjois-Savo Polytechnic, Rauno Tikkanen

Sound engineer: Timo Haverinen, Virtuosi
Camera: Matti Ruippo, Sibelius Academy / Kuopio
Video mix, production: Philip Donner, Virtuosi

Sessions on Monday August 18. 2003

Tapio von Boehm conducting
Conductor student Tapio von Boehm and Beethoven's 8. Symphony
  1. Beethoven 8 (Tapio von Boehm)
  2. Sibelius 7 (Valtteri Rauhalammi)
  3. Brahms 4 (Timo Koponen)
  4. Mozart 40 (Finghin Collins)
  1. Beethoven 1 (Jurek Dybal)
  2. Rimsky-Korsakow Scheherazade (Rauno Tikkanen)
  3. Tschaikowski 6 (Toby Hoffman)
  1. Tschaikowski 6 (Arto Koistinen)
  2. Tschaikowski Violin Concert (Taco Kooistra)
  3. Brahms 4 (Taco Kooistra)
  4. Tschaikowski 6 (Eva-Charlotte Roslin)

Sessions on Tuesday August 19. 2003

Jorma Panula standing among musicians of the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra
Jorma Panula giving his advice to Timo Koponen
  1. Rimsky-Korsakow Scheherazade (Toby Hoffman)
  2. Brahms 4 (Finghin Collins)
  3. Brahms 2 (Timo Koponen)
  4. Brahms 4 (Taco Kooistra)
  1. Brahms 4 (Taco Kooistra)
  2. Tschaikowski 6 (Taco Kooistra)
  3. Beethoven 1 (Jurek Dybal)
  4. Sibelius 7 (Rauno Tikkanen)
  1. Tschaikowski 4 (Eva-Charlotte Roslin)
  2. Mozart 40 (Finghin Collins)
  3. Brahms 1 (Tapio von Boehm)
  1. Rimsky-Korsakow (Valtteri Rauhalammi)
  2. Sibelius 4 (Valtteri Rauhalammi)
  3. Tschaikowski Violin Concert (Arto Koistinen)